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Where are all the Women?

19 Sep, 2017

According to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu only 11 per cent of those working in the cybersecurity industry worldwide are women. This small representation of women  is a big opportunity for them to enter a field with a severe labor...


Blue Whale, A Sinister Hoax ?

24 Aug, 2017

What We Know for Sure About Blue Whale The Blue Whale also known as "Blue Whale Challenge", is an Internet "game" that consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the...


The NotPetya OutBreak : The Wiping Malware!

5 Jul, 2017

The Worldwide outbreak of the malware on Tuesday was at first observed as a new version of the Petya ransomware that took its act in 2016. But turns out that the whole ransomware thing was a hoax to shift the...


Wannacry Ransomware is not DEAD !

28 Jun, 2017

The WannaCry ransomware is not dead yet and another large scale ransomware attack is making chaos worldwide, shutting down computers at corporates, power supplies, and banks across Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe and demanding $300 in bitcoins....

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