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Wi-Fi Devices Vulnerable to KRACK Attacks !

17 Oct, 2017

Do you think your wireless network is secure because you're using WPA2 encryption? If yes, think again! A recently discovered vulnerability could allow attackers to intercept sensitive data being transmitted between a Wi-Fi access point and a computer or mobile...


OnePlus Secretly Spying on it’s Users, Collects way more Data than it should – Here’s How to Disable it

11 Oct, 2017

There is terrible news for all OnePlus lovers. Smartphone providers usually collects data like location to improve the services, but OnePlus handset, running OxygenOS—the company's custom version of the Android operating system, is collecting way more data on its users...


India’s National Internet Registry hacked !

4 Oct, 2017

As of today, this could be the biggest breach affecting Indian organizations. Seqrite Cyber Intelligence Labs ( a world class enterprise security brand of Quick Heal ) along with its partner seQtree InfoServices has tracked an advertisement on DarkNet announcing secret access...


Deloitte gets HACKED !

27 Sep, 2017

Global tax and auditing firm Deloitte has confirmed that the company had suffered a cyber attack. Resulting in the theft of confidential information, including the private emails and documents of some of its clients. This news is a major strike for the...

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